Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fake note: SBI files plaint against customer

May 18, 2011, 09.17am IST

VADODARA: Days within the city police arresting two Bank of Baroda (BOB) employees for trying to dupe their customer by terming genuine currency note as fake, a State Bank of India ( SBI) official registered complaint against one of its customers. Manager of SBI's Ellora branch Yasminbano filed complaint against Charmi Patel, who is a travel agent, for carrying a fake note of Rs 500.

Patel had visited the bank on Monday to deposit Rs 66,500 in her account. The cashier found that one of the Rs 500 note was fake so he informed the manager about it. "We are now verifying the currency note found from Patel. If it was fake then from where she got it that needs to be found out," Gorwa police inspector G K Rawal said.

Two employees of BOB faced the heat last week after they were arrested by the cops for threatening their customer and trying to term a genuine Rs 1000 note as fake. The cops have asked all the banks to follow proper procedure in case they come across fake currency notes.

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